Monday & Tues.- Closed

Open Thurs. - Friday. 5-8 PM

Open Sat. 5-9 PM



7123 Arlington Ave., Suite - A,  Riverside, CA  92503, Behind Ruben;s Tacos!

OUR GENERAL LOCATION - We are located at the southwest side of the Riverside Airport. Across the street from the Arlington Lanes Bowling Alley is behind Ruebens Tacos Resturant and we are just behind their building in an industrial park.  See you there!

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THE BEERS we make or made, are: Blond Alien / American Ale, Planet Red / Red Hef., Alien IPA Kappa Delta / IPA, Deep Space Porter / Oaked Porter,Alien Head / Imperial IPA, Blue Eyed Alien, Cascade IPA,  Groomlake Butterscoch Ale, and more!


Our recent new ales are: Vortex IPA, Planet Red Ultra Hef.

THE BREWERY -  Located at 7123 Arlington Ave., Suite - A,   is across the street from the Arlington Bowling Lanes, behind Rubens Taco Restuarant where there is and industrial park.  We have plenty of seating, games to play, Area 51 & alien memorabilia everywhere, great people and a place to be comfortable.